Little girl posing for us around Mae Salong villages, north Thailand.

In the mornings buses of tourists visit the small town of Mae Salong, former opium capital of northern Thailand. In the afternoon there is only a few of us left, eating in the local eateries serving Chinese food. There is unlimited green tea, nice mushrooms to try and dry fruit.   We decided against renting a motorbike (although it’s cheap: 200 B) and do the 16 km circle on foot. It was hot but the path (road) is shady enough. We walked through tribe villages of Akha and Lahu….

Smiling Buddha statue in Tha Ton, northern Thailand.

We wanted to break the routine of Chiang Mai, which is really nice, but we don’t feel like travelers after a month! So we decided to explore the North of Thailand for around 5 days on our own. We’re not using a car or a motorbike but local buses.After 5 quite uncomfortable hours on the bus to Tha Ton (90 B, from a bus station N of the old city) we just relaxed a bit in this quiet town. There are a lot of guesthouses but almost no…