The road to Bikaner.

We finally moved from Pushkar to Bikaner. It took us a bit more than 7 hours with a sleeper bus, Rs 350 per person.
We got our ‘bed’ on the bus, but where to put our luggage? Lots of space on the floor but rules on some buses are strict. No luggage on the isle! So we put all the bags to our feet and managed our bodies around it. The ride was bumpy, it seems like there was a speed bump every 20 m which throwed us in the air. Trucks, decorated with Christmas lights on drugs, honked in funny tunes and we couldn’t help but laugh at our situation. India sure has a sense of humour! 🙂
We’re now in a hotel for 4eur a night. Cheap! If you want to have a room on railway tracks an a family of pidgeons celebrating birthdays every morning. Hey, you get what you pay 🙂 We already located the market and found our favorite tea stand run by a beautiful gentleman that owns it for 20 years. The people of the North are nice.
We tried lots of different transports to date. Taxi, rickhsaw, motorbike, bus, sleeper bus and train. Train is still the cheapest and most comfortable, no bumps ob the road and toilet at hand. Just be sure to book it a week in advance. Train ftw!

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