The Spice islands.

We’ve got some beautiful news again 🙂 We’re on Maluku islands, somewhere between Sulawesi and Papua. The other name for Maluku islands is ‘the spice islands’ because of their nutmeg and cloves production in the 17. century.


It was our wish to go to Banda islands (part of Maluku) when we were planning Indonesia, but unfortunately the rare boat was unavailable (we just missed it) and planes didn’t seem to operate when Merpati went bankrupt. So when a really cool guy at the tourist info told us he has a solution for us, there are flights to beautiful Kei islands (btw, Dutch exchanged their Kei islands with Americans for an island that is now Manhattan) and from there we can catch a 10 hour Pelni boat to snorkeling paradise of Banda islands. We totally dissed our first plan and bought the ticket! Yaaaaaaay!

We’ll try to go to island Seram and visit Manusela National Park and do some trekking, but it’s hard to say so much in advance. You never know what happens in 14 days 🙂

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