Things to do in Pushkar.

Pushkar is very much alive with the tourist season blooming. But soon it will get too hot (they say up to 60C), tourists won’t come and then most of the hotels, shops and restaurants will close.

Things to do in PushkarΒ :

– wander around the shops and get yourself some nice pants, crazy shirts, glittery bangles, souvenirs,perfumes or books
– get a tattoo (or you can go with temporary henna tattoo-get it done or if you’re feeling artsy, buy henna and make it yourself)
– learn an instrument (who wouldn’t want to play tablas or a sitar? :D)
– do yoga (our guesthouse has a garden to do yoga in, but you can always opt for a drop in class nearby)
– I haven’t got any massages but there are some available
– watch puja at sunrise near the lake or listen to improvisational music on the lake stairs at sunset (you can read all over the internet about the biggest scam in Pushkar-people give you flower petals that you throw in the water and then want a donation. Just say no. )
– go for a camel ride
– pet the cows and play ‘who steps on cow’s poo first is a loser’
– get some good food which is really easy to find (from traditional north Indian to Tibetan)
– learn how to cook the proper Indian way, Shivani is a sweet and friendly lady and she knows her food (it was Rs 1200 per person)
– visit an Ayurvedic doctor as you lost the game ‘who gets digestion problems first is a loser’ πŸ™‚ it was my first time at the Ayurvedicist and I got a set of preparations to make my tummy better. He also told me what not to eat (dairy, fruit, sugar and citric acid) and what to eat (plain food, yoghurt, pomegranate, banana, black tea). And then he checked my pulse! And pressed on my palms and lower arms but said everything is ok. I must say I was excited πŸ™‚

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