Our first glimpse of Tokyo. From a capsule hotel.

We looked through the bus windows, light of the big colorful screens shining on our dark faces. It was late evening and Tokyo was alive. River of people on the streets. Coming, going, meeting. It was dark but it was so light. We made our way to the metro station and expected chaos. Tokyo has over 13 million people (6,5 times more than our country). But there was no lines at the ticket machines, no crowds at the metro stations or feeling claustrophobic on the metro. It was the first time that we realized that everything WORKS in Tokyo.

Admit it. If you hear the word Tokyo, ‘capsule hotel’ is probably one of the things that come to your mind. We hastily booked 2 nights only for the experience and chose Asakusa Riverside capsule hotel for 15 $/night. It’s a good price for Japans’s capital.

Tokyo capsule

The reception was very friendly and we had to change from our shoes to slippers (don’t worry, shoes go to the locker, the key goes to the reception, under your room number).

Asakusa Riverside capsule hotel is a big hotel with 9 floors, 4 for men and 2 for women, all of the floors have also private rooms and the 9 floor is the public bath (shared showers and warm bath, and by shared I mean no-walls showers).

I was on the 4th floor and Mic was on the 8th and from what I’ve saw, the rooms are the same. Quiet, dark room with around 30 openings, bottom row is by the floor and upper is above them, connected with a ladder. I was in the bottom row and liked it.

Inside of the capsule is a cozy, solid plastic SPACE SHIP! It takes you to space to your next mission of saving… Well, that were my thoughts every time I was i side my capsule 😀 So cool!

Tokyo capsule

So, inside the capsule you have a small tv with couple of Japanese programs, mirror, little shelf, grading type light, radio and clock (you can set an alarm). There are no doors to the capsule but you have a curtain. Women capsule rooms had only couple of charging sockets but there was not a lot of us there so it wasn’t a problem.

Right outside of the room, there are sinks and lockers. Lockers are quite small, only for valuables and you lock them with a key on a bracelet which you can put on your wrist. Most people just put their luggage outside of the capsule. On the 2nd floor there’s a common room with wifi, vending machines with drinks and some cup noodles, and bigger lockers which are payable for 12h and more.

We both loved the capsule hotel. It gives you some kind of intimacy and after first days in busy Tokyo, it was a good rest 🙂

Tokyo capsule

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