Top 12 mobile apps for travelers.

In the era of technology, traveling became easier on some level. We made a list of apps we use frequently and which helped us save some time (or loose some time with a bad connection :D).

1.) XE Currency
Changing a country is not only a cultural shock, it’s also a money puzzlement. Have your money changer app handy in the first days so it won’t take you too long to bargain for those pants.

2.) Sheets
Setting a budget for the day is important for not spending too much but making the extra effort and writing down the expenses in a table will help you manage your finances more efficiently.

3.) Tripadvisor
The latest up-to-date reviews of guesthouses, attractions or restaurants. Sometimes it’s hard to know the price of accomodation but everything else is there. And the best thing is, that it’s fresh! Right now, we love WikiTravel (not an app) even more.

4.) Google Translate
When locals don’t speak English, you know you’re in a cool country. Ok, but how to order your lunch? Learn some basic words or decifre that road sign with translate app.

5.) Instagram
Who doesn’t want to have turqoise blue waters and purple sunsets on their pictures. Just add some filters and you’re a pro. Plus the travel community is strong and we even met some lovely people via Instagram who are still dear friends to us.

6.) Shazam
It’s funny how much this app comes handy. If you don’t listen to the local music and you hear a cool song on the international radio, just press that button. If you’re offline it will record it for you and find it later.

7.) AirBnB
This app is evolving quickly and now you can book some lovely apartments/houses for the same price as hotel rooms. You can do all the corespondation trough this app and make reviews.

8.) Foursquare and Swarm
This used to be the same app but recently separated. If you like checking in and collectiong virtual prizes use Swarm. Foursquare is connected to it and will send you some tips about restaurants, bars and attractions nearby.

9.) WhatsApp and Facebook
Asia is big on WhatsApp and unfortunately we don’t use it. It’s the best way to stay in contact, but Facebook it’s also very popular.

10.) Yoga Studio
It’s hard to stay in shape while you’re traveling. Thiss app was free when we got it but now costs a couple of bucks. It has beautiful yoga courses varying on the duration, level and type.

11.) Google maps
Locate your hotel or where you are when you get lost. Sometimes you can even show the map to a local and he can direct you in the right way.

12.) Your mobile bank app
If your bank has a mobile app it’s a good time to start using it. You can have your balance and your transactions under control.

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