Tough Flores.

Usually when we go to the bus or use an ojek, people give us a higher price because we’re bulejs, white. We try to travel as local as possible, do the same routes, have the same (un)comfort, it takes us the same amount of time as the local people need. But still we see the locals who joined the bus pay less money than we. It’s not a lot and it probably wouldn’t matter to us if our journey wouldn’t be so long. 10.000IDR and 20.000IDR and 10.000IDR makes a pile in 3 months.
When we bargain the ridiculously high price of the ojek or a snorkeling boat and we get to a good price for everyone, we’re happy, they’re happy, but then when we want to pay, the price is suddenly higher, because and they don’t even want to take the money at first.
We don’t give in (at once), we stand our ground. Like we don’t lower the price after we’ve used the room. Aren’t there any rules to bargaining here? 😉 So it takes our energy and time and we just feel weird about it, being angry.
It’s stupid to worry about this but Flores is just tough, tougher than other countries. I still can’t believe we got a ticket for a 10c bus ride in India, every time (and we had to keep it the whole ride, LOL).
But then this sunrise comes along and we think, if our road wasn’t so tough, we wouldn’t see this beauty 🙂

Amazing sunset over the Kelimutu crater and the blue lake.

(just to make an example: the entrance fee for tourists is 150.000IDR, at sundays 225.000IDR, and for locals 5.000IDR).

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