Touring Wicklow (Ireland).

Organised tours. Independent travellers hate them. We hate them. We love public transport! But Ireland works in different days (and probably some other countries, too). So the return bus ticket to somewhere outside Dublin costs 18 eur and there are only 2 buses per day, giving you only a couple of hours to explore. You see one place. And a tour of Wicklow from 9 am till 5 pm costs 25 eur. We gave in 🙂

P.S. I love you bridge kissy kissy scene area.

We sat in front bus seats at Wicklow mountain tour with Joe. Man, let me tell you. Irish people can make a tour! Joe was a driver, a guide, a stand-up comedian, a DJ and a singer. We could never imagined we would have so much fun 🙂

From the moment we sat in the bus, Joe started giving us information in his stand-up-comediant kind of way and we learned so much about Ireland. The scenery was beautiful. Rusty brown with green moss and rain of course. Does it ever not rain in Ireland? But this gives it its mysteriousness. On this kind of roads you can’t go with a bus so it’s a tour or hiring a car. I would go for a tour with Joe anytime!

So, here are some pics.

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