Toy Road: City of toys.

Our german road trip continued in a small city of Sonneberg, where our lovely guide Lisa told us that this town used to produce 20 % of toys in the world! And then the Chinese came. Figures. In couple of months there will be a Toy hotel with theme floors and beautiful hand painted walls. Aaah, the day was sunny and our car was working perfectly.

In Sonneberg you can also visit a very old teddybear shop called Martin Bären where the biggest teddybear was made (confirmed in Guinness book of records) – he is 5.60 m in total! Their teddybears are very special and in every teddybear there is a part that is still made by hand. Every one has its own name and they even make some by request. PS: Even Michael jackson had one!

Making my own teddy.


Next was doctor time! Doll doctor time, I mean. Mrs. Pawletta is probably the only doll doctor around (or maybe in the world?). She mends broken dolls which are sometimes worth a fortune. She has a secret storage with extra arms, legs, eyes and lashes, but says it’s hard work to match the parts. She also has a carnival clothes to borrow and a small cute shop of bits and bobs.


Sonneberg boasts with a big Toy museum so we got a privilege to go on a tour of history of toys. International and local as Germany was big on making toys. Snobbery especially has an important history of toymakers where children didn’t even go to school because they helped their parents with making toys.

We stole some moments for taking photographs in the forest before our tight German schedule took us to a fancy delicious dinner.



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