Toy Road: Dolls living in a castle.

I don’t know how much do you know about Germany. But in Slovenia people believe in a couple of facts that apply to Germany or their products. They are successful, strong, rich, punctual and mostly blond.  They like to eat sausages and cabbage, and they have a lot of beer. And their cars never break down.

Some of the collection.

After some misunderstanding at the airport we finally got the rent-a-car, Fiat 500. We sat in this cool cabriolet drove happily on the highway which by the way has no limit. We drove 160 km/h and everyone overtook us. It felt so good to be on the road again. Our first stop was Tenneberg castle (with beautiful fresco painted ball room and chapel) in Waltershausen which boasts with a big collection of dolls. We were approached by two men who offered to take us on a tour of the castle. You could really feel the passion of our guides, the love that they have for the city and their work. There were probably hundreds of dolls from different eras, some worth several thousands of euros. I felt like I was in a time capsule. It would probably take years to hear the dolls’ stories because each has a very special one. From the time it was made to the time it came to the museum. Castle also has other exhibitions like castle life, folklore and history.

Toy road

Around 30 km from Erfurt a small light started blinking in our car. Oh no. The car didn’t want to accelerate so we slowly drove to our hotel in the city. Even though our (not German) car broke down, I must say the Germans were very efficient. Towing service came in half an hour with a promise of a new car. Meanwhile we were exploring the cute city of Erfurt.

The Mariendom cathedral is probably the most impressive building (especially lit up at night) but the cute Merchant’s bridge was really something special. To live there you have to be an artist. So you can find the puppet makers, delicious home-made chocolate shops and winery. What’s not to like (coming from a person who likes to eat her souvenirs) 🙂



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