Travel guide: Chiang Mai (Thailand)

This is a short travel guide to Chiang Mai. How to get there, how much to pay and where to find a room with few other useful tips.
Chiang Mai is a cute city full of temples, tasty food and Thai massages. It’s the second biggest city in Thailand but it’s much calmer than Bangkok. Last time we were her, we rented an apartment for 2 months. Here’s a short Chiang Mai travel guide.

How to get to Chiang Mai

If you’ll fly to Chiang Mai, take the bus nr. 4 from the airport which will to the city for 15 THB. You can also share a red songthaew (jeepney) for 50 THB. You may need to bargain for this.

If you’ll be arriving with a night bus from Bangkok (regular bus for 450 THB and VIP for 800 THB), the driver can drop you off just about anywhere. If this happens on a certain gas station you’ll probably have to pay a shared songthaew around 50 THB, if you’re dropped off on a bus station, you will pay 20 THB to get a ride to south part of the old town.

Train station is a similar distance away as the airport so you should pay around 50 THB for a shared ride.

Where to find a hotel in Chiang Mai

When you arrive at the old part of Chiang Mai (shaped like a square on the map), find the East gate and search for a guesthouse/hotel there. There are plenty of them and you can get a double room with private bathroom from 300 THB for 2.

Where to eat in Chiang Mai

There are plenty restaurants all over. The food is amazing and be sure to find the fresh fruit market with all the tropical fruit you ever imagined.

What to see in Chiang Mai

Old town’s several temples, even those with entrance fee are free after sunset, relax in the city park or do some yoga. Visit a cooking class, have a massage and detox on fresh juices. Don’t forget about the beautiful Doi Suthep temple on the hill.

Warning: Thai people are friendly and fair but will try to get a lot of money from you because of confusion with different kinds of transport. Don’t believe the price list (even if it’s in plastic!) because they don’t exist. Check the regular price, bargain and try different drivers. Someone will take you to the city for sure.


1 $ = 36 THB

Some useful words in Thai

Locals will be happy 🙂

Hello – Savadee khaa/kap (f/m)

Thank you – Khapun khan/kap (f/m)

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