Travel guide: Ubud (Bali).

Calmness of temples, green rice fields and the best culture in Bali, are just few things to look forward to in Ubud. If you find Kuta too hectic, move just an hour to the north. Here’s a short Ubud travel guide.

How to get to Ubud

Most comfortable way to go to Ubud is to book a shuttle bus from Kuta (buy the bus ticket in an agency or on their website). The cheapest way to go to Ubud is to take a Trans Sarbagita local bus (3.500 IDR) to Batubalan bus terminal in Denpasar and take a local bus/car bemo from there for 8.000 IDR (but maybe you’ll need to bargain a bit because you are … you know … a tourist :D). Use this option before 16 h.

Where to find a hotel/guesthouse in Ubud

In Ubud you’ll arrive at the gas station which is close to the centre so you can easily walk to all the guesthouses. Most of the locals have made a room or two for tourists and the prices for a double room with bathroom and breakfast are around 150.000 IDR. In low season you have to get some discount on that 🙂

If you plan to extend your stay in wonderful Ubud, you can go to the big Bintang supermarket and take a look at the information board with house rental ads. Most of the houses are in beautiful surroundings on the Artist’s ridge. Loads of rice terraces, art galleries and sick sunsets. Monthly rental is around 5.000.000 IDR.

Where to eat in Ubud

As for food, you can find everything. From very fancy restaurants to little local warungs where you’ll get lunch from a friendly ibu (lady) for 15.000 IDR.

How much is a motorbike rental

Motorbike rentals are around 60.000 IDR per day but you can get discount if you’ll rent it for several days.


1 $ = 13.850 IDR

Few useful words in Bahasa Indonesia

Good morning = selamat pagi (S’LAH-maht PAH-ghee)

Good afternoon = selamat siang (S’LAH-maht SEE-yang)

Good evening = selamat sore (S’LAH-maht soh-ray)

Good night =  selamat malam (S’LAH-maht MAH-lahm)

Thank you = terima kasih (TREE-mah KAH-see)

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