Travel itinerary: Andaman islands

Andaman islands? Where the hell is that? Open Google Maps, move to the sea between India and Thailand and zoom in. Zoom in more! There they are, paradise islands in the middle of nowhere with turquoise sea, white beaches and not a lot of tourists. Andaman islands are a part of India and to get there you have to enter India and fly from Chennai or Kolkata. And that’s why the majority of people don’t ever find this gem. Here’s our travel itinerary for Andman islands for those who want to see paradise on a low budget. And a little bit of crazy India mainland to make it more interesting.

Travel itinerary: Andaman islands

Duration of your trip to Andaman islands: 27 days

  • Day 1: Arrive to Delhi. Take a day to adjust to culture shock. Walk the streets and try delicious Indian food.
  • Day 2: Delhi. Explore Red Fort and temples. Take the night train to Varanasi.
  • Day 3: Varanasi. Try the best lassi in India in Blue Lassi. Observe the weird but mesmerising tradition of burning bodies of deceased by the Ganges river.
  • Day 4: Varanasi. Explore the small dirty alleys and take in the holiness of the city.
  • Day 5: Kolkata. Visit some of the museums, walk in the parks and have a chai.
  • Day 6: Fly to Port Blair. Hello, Andaman islands! Buy the ticket to Havelock island.
  • Day 7: Havelock. Day 1 of true hedonism. Rent a motorbike and explore the island.
  • Day 8: Havelock. Have seafood lunch in the delicious tiny restaurant Golden spoon.
  • Day 9: Havelock.  Spend the day on the secret Elephant beach.
  • Day 10: Havelock. Take a snorkelling trip around nearby coral islands. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!
  • Day 11: Havelock. Enjoy the last sunset.
  • Day 12: Neil. Buy a coconut and enjoy a day on the beach. Have a sunset swim in the pink water.
  • Day 13: Neil. Read, eat, swim.
  • Day 14: Neil. Drive around the island with a bicycle.
  • Day 15: Neil. Treat yourself to a nice seafood dinner. Maybe grilles tuna.
  • Day 16: Neil. Relax on your last day on this tropical island.
  • Day 17: Port Blair. Take a trip to Ross island, visit the famous circle shaped prison and walk around the city.
  • Day 18: Port Blair. Last day on Andamans! Fly to Chennai and take a night train to Madurai.
  • Day 19: Madurai. Visit the big Meenakshi temple and let the elephant bless you on the head. Try a south Indian dish.
  • Day 20: Madurai. Wake up early and explore the city with lots of chai.
  • Day 21: Kochi. Take a two day trip with a houseboat on Kerala backwaters.
  • Day 22: Kochi. Second day of the houseboat trip.
  • Day 23: Palolem (Goa). Take a beach break in one of the less crazy parts of Goa.
  • Day 24: Palolem (Goa). If you haven’t already, try meditation or yoga.
  • Day 25: Mumbai. City of stimulations. Negative and positive. Get lost in mumbai.
  • Day 26Mumbai. Now’s the time to buy souvenirs and delicious Indian spices.
  • Day 27Mumbai. Say goodbye to India and fly home in the evening.

Read our short guide for Andaman islands.

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Travel itinerary map

What to bring?

  • 35 l backpack and a smaller bag
  • 5 shirts, 3 shorts
  • Swimming suit
  • Flip flops
  • Long pants and sarong
  • Sleeping bag
  • Some travel medicine
  • Add what you need

Good to know

Stay away from the high season around New Year’s. The prices can be even 5 times higher.

To visit Andaman islands you need a special permit which you get for free on the Port Balir airport. You’re permitted to stay 30 days and you can prolong it for 15 days. Then you have to leave Andaman islands. Oh, when you exit Andaman islands, you have to show your permit otherwise you can’t leave. Don’t loose it!

Andaman islands are more than just Havelock and neil. Ask the locals where to go and explore the unknown.

Having a meal on Andaman islands can be painfully slow. Order 2 hours in advance you don’t want to be hungry and always have snacks and a book with you.

Visit Andaman islands now before they open the route from Bangkok because they will get overflowed with tourists.

Expenses for your budget trip to Andaman islands

Accommodation: 5 $/day

Food: 6 $/day

Transportation: 5 $/day

All together: 16 $/day

Plane ticket Kolkata – Port Blair: 95 $

Plane ticket Port Blair – Chennai: 110 $

Expenses before leaving

Indian visa: depends from where you are; 80 $

Travel insurance: minimum 55 $

Plane ticket: depends from where you are

All expenses:  772 $

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