Relaxing in Muang Ngoi.

Fisherman is fishing on the river, Muang Ngoi, northern Laos.

Now this is my kind of place. It’s waaaay more relaxed than Nong Khiaw, and cheaper, too. In low season, the wooden bungalows in Muang Ngoi are 30.000 LAK which is a bit more than 3 eur. You can find cheap delicious food and there is happy hour on the cocktails almost in every bar! Budget traveling at its best ๐Ÿ™‚

When the sun goes down, the street in muang Ngoi fills up with children playing and women talking. Nort Laos.

How to get to Muang Ngoi?

Take the boat from Nong Khiaw at 11 am or 14 pm. Buy your ticket one hour before because sometimes the boats get booked.

30 minutes from here, there is a cave and in front of the cave there is a river bar. It’s a good way to relax after the hot walk, drink a slightly pricey beer and enjoy the cool of the river. Oh, did i mention that there is millions of butterflies flying around? It’s like in a fairytale.

Butterflies are gathering on wet places and there's millions of them flying in groups. Magical! Muang Ngoi, north Laos.

45 min from the cave there is a village you can visit, and two more after that if you have the time and power. 30 min steep walk (from town, ask the locals) to the viewpoint and another cave ย is worth the visit and in the evening you can rent a kayak and splash around the river.

Sunset at Muang Ngoi with mountains and boats, north Laos.

There is a buffet restaurant with good all you can eat breakfast in the morning (25.000 LAK), small restaurant called Veranda with a lot of choice (and some amazing bamboo dishes) and happy hour at Bee Tree, which is the nicest way to try some of the 2 for 1 cocktails with local whiskey Lau Lau (made from sticky rice). Muang Ngoi is definitely the place where you could stay for days.

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