Beautiful views of Nong Khiaw.

Couple of hours from Luang Prabang (van for 65.000 LAK via travel agency or 50.000 LAK from the bus station) or even less than Udoumxay, there is a small village with beautiful mountain and river views.

Nong Khiaw village seems to be built only for tourists. In high season. Loads of accommodation and restaurants but no people. We got our own bungalow with river views for 40.000 LAK. Watching the sunset from the big bridge is amazing and the smoke from burning the forests made it even more mystical.

Magical view of the river at sunset in Nong Khiaw, north Laos.

We were just relaxing and eating. Our absolute favorite was a restaurant at the very (if you cross the bridge and go to the end, where there are almost no restaurants and the road turns upwards for 100 m). Lots of traditional Lao food for a better price and very delicious food. Green curry was my favorite!

Beautiful view of the mountains and river from the bridge in Nong Khiaw, north Laos.

You can also visit two caves, hike to the viewpoint or do a trek. They say that Tigertrail is very good (100 waterfalls). It’s less people here and maybe it’s better to do a trek here, than Luang Prabang or Luang Namtha (although in Luang Namtha you can trek in a national park).

From Nong Khiaw you can visit Muang Ngoi, even smaller and much friendlier village. Boats leave at 11 am and 14 pm and cost 25.000 LAK. You better buy the ticket one hour before or it may be sold out.

Magical view of the sunset in Nong Khiaw, north laos.


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