Warnemünde. Beach time in Germany.

On a hot day you can visit Warnemünde, which is a 20 min ride from Rostock with a train. It is a resort town and has a beautiful beach. Yes, you heard it right. Beach in Germany! It was so hot when we visited so it was full of people, Germans sure are proud of their seaside. There are lots of steam boats so you can take a tour on the sea, from Warnemünde to Markgrafenheider. It’s a place of resorts but the beach is not so crowded as in Warnemünde. Blaue Boje restaurant has some really good food but be prepared to take a long journey from this resort, back to Warnemünde 🙂 It’s actually best to have a 48h transport card which you can use for tram in Rostock, trains, ferry and probably something else!

I went to see the view from the lighthouse (2 eur) and Mic waited for me, haha 🙂

There are also restaurants in some boats which sell fish dishes and other fast food and look really cool.

Be sure to visit Warnemünde if you ever come to North Germany. You will be surprised at a whole new Germany!
And now we are going to Pangea festival for the next few days. Not sure how online we’ll be, but have a nice end of the week 😉



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