We did something crazy!

You’re never going to believe it. We bought 4 airplane tickets in advance! 😀
We learned our lesson when we overpaid the plane to Padang and back so that’s why we sat down. Talked. And decided on a plan! 🙂
On sunday we’re going to Gili Air for a week, then to Flores and Komodo, and theeeeeen we fly to central part of Maluku islands! Yaaaaay! We tried to buy the ferry tickets to Banda islands of Maluku but there is no ferry (all 3 weeks, I guess it’s just very remote). We’ll just see as we go. Inflight Indonesian tickets are almost impossible to buy on their websites (no Indonesian bank card) and travel agencies love to make the price high, so we bought the tickets via great website Nusatrip.com.

On 19. 9. our Indonesian visa runs out and we’ll go to Myanmar for a month and then to Vietnam. We’ll probably go to Philippines next but who knows… 🙂

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