Zanzi resort. Zanzibar.

Probably the most anticipated 2 days on our Zanzibar trip, luxury wise. Zanzi resort is known all over the place. Everywhere you look on the internet, it’s following you with the pictures of beautiful rooms and food. They knoooow you want to go there 😀 (yes, I know it’s called retargeting but let’s leave it at that 😉

It is a luxurious resort away from all the hustle and bustle of the villages. Our stay was in a private villa with private pool and even Mic who can’t keep still in resorts said he could get used to it for a week or two. It seemed like the time stopped and took us from normal backpackers life to this amazing tropical planet.

The villa was decorated a bit modern, a bit traditional and had a huge living room where we put our small luggage. Big bathroom with a shower where even Mic could turn (his arms are sooo long) and crisp white bed on which I had to dive, of course. The garden with our private swimming pool was quite hidden from other’s. Very convenient for for all the mischievous deeds.

Sunset (and later starry night) is really nice from their private pier. They offer all sorts of massages and trips throughout the island.

We chose to have dinner on our veranda although their dining space is very comfy and has a calm and private feel. They even have a cute library and at around seven you can see the tarsiers coming to feed very close to the tables. The food was divine and made us wanting more, and I especially loved the desert which was some kind of orange-white-chocolate silky truffles. Yum!

They like to give good deals on their bungalows or villas so don’t hesitate to contact them!

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