Zanzibar planning.

It’s been a long time since we’ve flown with an airplane. Yes, we’ve bought a 10-year old car and have been exploring our tiny but beautiful country, Slovenia. But it’s not quite the same. the plan was to visit Sao Tome and Principe, but then the airplane tickets went sky rocket and we were left without a destination. Mic called me from Bolgaria and asked if I wanted to go to Zanzibar. To the land of bounty and white sand beaches? (I know, so cliche :D). Hell, yeeeees! 😀 Oh, the anticipation of flying feels like crispy air of Himalayas.

We will be exploring Zanzibar for 3 weeks starting 3rd week of May. We have been invited to stay at some resorts, try some restaurants and try to find beautiful things that don’t include spending a lot of money. The thing is, people go to Zanzibar just for a short time, from Tanzania, and we want to explore it as the 3-week-vacation place.

Besides the main island, our goal is to see Pemba island which doesn’t have a lot of tourists. Mainly because of high end resorts 😉 And there’s our challenge!

Manta resort.One of the resorts on Pemba island. Nope, we probably won’t be staying here 🙂


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