Zen temple experience II. Schedule.

When you think of Zen, you think of beautiul garden, calm music and slow pace of life, right? Well, the garden sure is beautiful, but the focus of Zen surprised me. They say it’s all about the moving Zen, which is for example cleaning quickly and thoroughly, and quiet Zen which is meditating for 5 times a day for 24 min. By having rules in your daily routine, it makes you more focused.


Here is the schedule:

  • 4.50 waking up, cleaning teeth.
  • 5.05 morning chanting, the words are almost impossible to prinounce to Western mouth. I was trying and almost lost my tongue.
  • 5.30 first Zazen meditation
  • 5.55 second Zazen meditation
  • 6.30 Cleaning time
  • 7.00 Breakfast
  • 7.30 Tea time, hanging out like old friends
  • 9.00 Free time, where you have to leave the temple, for us that means sleeping in the park 😀
  • 16.30 cleaning time
  • 18.00 dinner
  • 18.30 tea time and taking turns for shower (quickly)
  • 20.05 third Zazen
  • 20.30 Fourth Zazen
  • 20.55 Break, last chance for streching, cleaning teeth
  • 21.05 Last Za Zen
  • 21.30 bed time

And by that time you’re done. Time to rest 🙂 i’ll write more about themeditation in the next post.

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