5 reasons not to go to India.

Recently I’ve met an Indian who said “People either love my country or they never ever want to go back”. It’s certainly a country that needs some time adjusting to it and a destination some people are scared of. Why are we so hesitant to travel to India?

1.) It’s crowded.
With over a billion people and the number is growing, there are crowds everywhere. It’s hard to find a secluded spot to have some time for yourself (with this beautiful exception 😉 ) especially with Indian curiosity and no language barrier as English is an official language. If you find yourself sitting in a crowded coupe full of staring eyes, just wait couple of minutes. Soon you’ll have to explain how did you fell in love with your partner (it’s not arranged marriage, ooooh), why are you not breastfeeding and how much money you earn. Without discretion and with total honesty, you’ll meet so many interesting people like young jewelry designers, poor housewives and retired Ayurvedic doctors.

Long lines at Golden temple.

2.) It’s so noisy.
For some people (me included) this was the hardest part of traveling in India. It’s so loud! Not people itself but horns on the cars/motorbikes/rickshaws. It makes you have a couple of heart attacks per day but when you turn around, you see a toothless smile and a gesture to move a little bit on the left so he can get by with his foot rickshaw. Earplugs and maybe a horn of your own can be a solution.

Sadhu and his followers.

3.) Bargaining. Always bargaining.
Always alert, you have a feeling that you’re overpaying. It’s hard to bargain every step of your travels, rooms, taxis, bananas – it’s a never-ending story. Sometimes it would be nice to have some price tags. But you can make it a sport and buy a leather hat or tailored pants so cheap, like absolutely nowhere in Europe. Just don’t let it get to you!

Foot rickshaw.

4.) So hot and humid.
That’s India’s weather, when sweat pours over you for the 8th time that day and you’re not sure if you should just trow this shirt and buy a new one. Especially in May it’s best to escape somewhere cooler. But hey, if you want cold, go to Iceland. Or just go to Andamans.

You need shade?

5.) Dirrrrrrty.
It’s dirty all right. Billion people, no waste management whatsoever, throwing trash on the streets and then burning it, the strange theory that you don’t clean bathrooms/bedrooms in guesthouses and no canalization makes a country one big trash bin. Sometimes accompanied with bad smell.
Sometimes is better to close your eyes, use the hand sanitizer and don’t think about it.

Peeing on the rails. Looks bad, smells bad.

So if you think you can stand these reasons and still want to go, I’m sure you love India like we do. It’s the most memorable country on our year-long trip and we still talk about it every day. Go and you’ll see something really special 🙂

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