5 ups and 5 downs of India.

India is supposed to be a hard country to travel, some even say it’s the most difficult one. Mic was here couple years ago and fell in love with it so it was natural to come back. I always say India has a big personality 🙂 It’s not easy, it’s very loud and crowded but the experience you get is amazing. India test your limits.

5 bad habits of India:

  • honking: unbelievably loud horns without mufflers (not our usual pussy ones in Europe) that push you on the verge of heart attack. People press the button and don’t let go and it makes me want to smack the driver in the face. Especially if you’re hungry and it’s 100C outside. Not to mention that they drive super fast in the narrowest alley.
  • littering: India is light years away from clean and some cities are just disgusting. Varanasi for example has alleys filled with cow and dog poo, canalization, ashes and trash. Ew.
  • burping and farting: this is totally normal for them, even women and children do it. You can hear it everywhere but it’s especially funny disgustingon trains, while you’re eating. Charming.
  • spitting: Mic kida likes this one! All men here chew tobacco or stimulating paan and not lots of them smoke so it rarely smells of cigarettes. On the other hand you can see red stained teeth and red spit everywhere. They spit all the time and once a guy even spat on Mic by accident! Where are spittoons when you need them?
  • queuing: let me just say this. Too many people, not enough space/tickets/_____(fill the blank), fight for survival. Absolutely no queuing here. Use elbows.

5  highlights of India:

  • friendliness: people are friendly in general, kids wave and say hello, men ask where we’re from. It’s true, shop owners will want to sell things but when you go to a park and one starts a conversation, soon you’ll have a whole crowd around you 🙂 Not to mention the train rides when the whole cabin of people becomes friends.
  • food: Indians are good cooks and you can find lots of different food around which is also cheap. It’s heaven for taste buds. Just be mindful of the cleanliness but close your eyes for some yummy street food.
  • trains: so cheap and not that uncomfortable. For us the best place on sleeper trains are the highest berth (people usually don’t want those) because it gives you some privacy.
  • patience: when you see 7 people sitting on one bench on the hot train not complaining and taking care of older people, you start thinking about your own feelings.
  • hard work: children are working and I don’t mean begging but helping on the tea stalls or in their parent’s shop, grandfathers are selling newspaper, tea or pulling their foot rickshaws. They have to do it to survive. And the tiny tea stall probably means the life to them.

We should learn things from them 🙂 And we can send them our horn mufflers and stop heart attacks of tourists 😀


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