A long day in Mandalay.

Long but nice 🙂 We took a fancy overnight bus from Yangon to Mandalay and after a good morning nap in a clean room, we were off to discover the city. Of course, we wanted to walk. Sometimes we just don’t think straight and thankfully a small friendly local man convinced us to take the bicycles. And we were so happy he did. We did around 20 km, ate 3 times (mostly Shan noodles – a favorite), tried new words (a-loun beh-lauq ca-leh or how much is that all together) and saw the city palace, couple of temples, golden monastery and in the end hiked up the Mandalay hill. I told you it was a full day 🙂

Shwenandaw Kyaung.
We watched the sunset from the hill, where surprisingly a lot of tourists appeared. By the age of them it looks there are a lot of organized tours in Myanmar. On the way down we chatted with young monks who come to Mandalay hill every day to practice their English. So cute!

View from the hill and a special glittery lens :D

Mandalay is a really comfortable city. People speak good English, the roads are not so hectic and they have a whole lane just for bikes and bicycles.

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