A perfect day in Hoi An.

After a couple of misses in Vietnam, we stayed 10 whole days in Hoi An which is one of our favorite cities so far. Cute old center, good food, cheap beer and walking/cycle only areas not to mention the lanterns at night.

Fishing net.

Here is a perfect day in Hoi An:

  • 8.30 breakfast, the best eggs (ever) with fresh baguettes on Tran Cao Van street (first one if you go from Trang Hung Dao).
  • 9.30 ice vietnamese coffee in old town, do some reading/working.
  • 10.30 driving around the city, have a juice on the main market.
  • 11.30 buy really nice and cheap shorts/shirt in the next shop from Lantern making house
  • 12.00 visit an assembly hall and take some nice pictures.
  • 12.30 have lunch at Miss Ly (their tasting menu is divine).
  • 13.00 have a fresh beer near the river. 5000 VND, ftw!
  • 14.00 have some clothes made at a tailor (we liked Yaly’s).
  • 14.30 visit Cam Kim island and try Chip-Chip shells (are cheap, too) and rice wine.
  • 16.00 go for another coffee at the student coffee house Uy Viet (really good and cheap).
  • 16.30 meet your friends at the Japanese bridge, make some photobombs for Chinese tourists.
  • 17.00 appreciate the lights on walking bridge and take pictures of newlyweds on the river.
  • 17.30 relax in the great atmosphere of lanterns and enjoy the cheap fresh beer (with almost no alcohol).
  • 19.30 have a barbecue dinner on the street.
  • 21.00 go to your 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house which you found online for a very affordable price (call: 0913672199).

Japanese bridge at night.


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