How to find abandoned plane on Bali (2017)?

After munching some good foods in Changgu, we headed to Jimbaran to have lunch at the fish market (you buy cheap and fresh fish and then restaurants outside grill the food for you for a small fee (10.000 IDR per kg). It was very rainy so we headed to Uluwatu for the night, actually above Thomas beach which we booked on Home Sweet Home. I somehow stumbled upon an article about an abandoned plane, hidden close to Pandawa beach …

How to find the abandoned plane on Bali? Read below …

It was a mysterious day and for some reason I really wanted to see this abandoned plane. The weather was rainy but we had a patch of clear sky so we quickly went on the road. I didn’t find much information about it but when I typed ‘abandoned plane’ in Google maps it finds it, so it has become some kind of attraction. It’s also kind of easy to miss it from the road because the view is obstructed by tin walls, so it’s you who has to be a bit observant.

Airplane has become a sort of sightseeing object and when we were there couple of people were also trying to see it. The thing is that the plane is sitting in a valley but the view is obstructed with containers.

For the best views you can:

a) Climb on the containers (on your own risk) and see the plane from the side

b) Go a bit further down the road and pay 10.000 IDR to go up the path to see it from front/above (the price is negotiable to 5.000 IDR :D).

We also tried to go down on the left side and see if you could get close somehow but it didn’t seem possible.

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What’s the deal with abandoned plane in Bali?

I’ve read on the internet that this was supposed to be a restaurant and the containers are full of kitchenware and other appliances. Something went wrong with documentation and now everything just sits there. The plane was transported there in parts and then assembled there again. Not sure that this is the truth but it’s what I’ve read! To me, it does look a bit scary to see this huge and abandoned plane just resting there in the canyon.

Two abandoned airplanes on Bali

There’s supposed to be another abandoned plane in Bali and this one is actually in Kuta! It’s nestled amongst houses so I’m not really sure how or if it’s appropriate to see it. The story behind it is not known.

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