Adam’s Peak.

We maaaaadeeeee it! We can cross Adam’s Peak of our list. We did fail just a little 🙂 With all the mosquitos, people hanging around our restaurant/hotel, rats running on the roof and a tiny waterfall near our room it was impossible to sleep without ear plugs. So we missed the alarm clock 🙂 We started at 5am instead of 3am. Ooops.

It wasn’t easy, the knees were hurting from all the steps (they say around 5200) but the trail wasn’t crowded at all. Locals usually start very early as they have a very slow pace. Elder people also hike and most of the people are in flipflops. Adam’s peak is holy mountain and you can smell the aromatic sticks an hear the prayers from the speakers. At the top is a praying site.
We took one night here to have a bit of a rest and we’re waiting for the pain in our muscles. O-ooou!

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