Anda’s fiesta.

St. Niño festival is a big religious holiday all over, also in Anda. The children are preparing for it for many days and practicing their dance moves on the grass. There is also Miss and Mr Anda, oh yeah.
We stumbled in this time on the weekend and the festival going in so there were more locals than usual. All the western tourists seemed to be hiding in the expensive resorts and fortunately there is a budget option in Anda lodge (400P/double fan).

Rice fields and palms.
The beach is beautiful. Fine white sand and light blue sea, the only downside is that it’s very shallow, so no real swimming is possible. Who cares when it looks this good! We did a tour to Laminoc island (300P) which is ok, but nothing special.
People are beyond friendly. Philippinos are known for their immense hospitality but we were still surprised. In the shops, restaurants, on the street. We even got an invitation for a family breakfast with lechon (barbecued pig) of the girls where we bought beer. How sweet is that? The pork was delicious, spring rolls amazing, not to mention the mango desserts. And then there was a band who was playing in the church after mass, and they rehearsed a song right there, in the living room.
Small and cute, Anda is definitely worth more than 2 days…

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