Apo island.

Small island famous for its turtle sanctuary. And its true, snorkeling here means you will encounter at least 5 turtles. Big turtles with beautiful patterns, slowly swimming or feeding on the corals.

The coral reef is actually nice but like in other places we’ve been on Philippines, there are no big schools of fish, only some. And couple snakes 🙂


Apo island has a resort (Apo Island resort) and some guesthouses/home-stays. You can get a cheaper room in a guesthouse (like Liberty lodge) if you’ll be diving (500P which normally costs more). We stayed at Ronors where the rooms are 500 P with free breakfast, no need for diving 🙂


The village is nice, children friendly and has the biggest roosters I’ve ever seen! Cock fights are illegal which of course doesn’t stop them. But some are so big I was afraid of them! Even their voice is low.



How to get to Apo island?

It’s quite easy as the buses from Cebu city leave 24/7.

  • We visited Oslob first, so we took the bus from Cebu southern bus station to Oslob (two buses actually but they tell you what to do, 150P).
  • Went on the bus in Oslob to Liloan (30P).
  • took a ferry to Sibulan (62P)
  • went to Damaguete city with a jeepney for 11 P
  • took a bus to Zamboanguita (around 60P? for AC bus)
  • had no problem of getting a small boat to Apo island (300P is the regular price).

Public boat is in the property of Liberty’s lodge (on Apo) and is a big boat. You have a lot smaller probability of getting soaked on a bigger boat. We didn’t have luck for both times but at least we supported the local fishermen 🙂

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