Around Ubud.

We’re enjoying the comfort of our own place very much. I’m trying out my watercolors, Mic is working on his book and of course, his online work. But we still venture out from time to time 🙂 On a rented scooter we visited a Coffee plantation on the way to Batur. They grow spices and coffee, they’re famous for Kopi Luwak – poop coffee! 😀

Coffee :)

Kopi Luwak is a delicacy, where the wild civet cats eat the coffee beans, digest it (coffee beans are modified by it’s digestive system) and the bean-poop is harvested, thoroughly cleaned and processed to make coffee. It’s very expensive, 20 eur for 100 g but I’m sure in Europe it’s even more. It doesn’t have that much caffeine as non-digested coffee and it has a mild, fruity flavor. We tried a cup and it was very good, but for me even a good, freshly ground Arabica is delicious. It wasn’t in our budget to buy.

Roast little coffee, roast.

We did have a free tasting of Balinese coffee, coconut and ginseng coffee and different types of tea.

The place we live is above Unud and is surrounded by rice fields. Don’t get me wrong, there are still hotels and houses, but much less fuss than in the city. August is quite busy and driving is a pain in the a**.

Find Mic.

Yoga time!

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