Bagan’s temples.

A place on everybody’s wish list, mystical cones erupting from the mist or the view from a hot air balloon. It’s Bagan. At first sight, Nyaung Oo is just another town but a few pedal pushes away the stupas start. Hundreds of them. Some .gold, some off-white and mossy, most of them reddish brown, big, small, huge. It’s one of the nicest views in the world.

Morning glory.

Bagan is some what being modernized with ‘no plastic bags’ campaign and e-bikes. Renting an e-bike in Bagan for 5000 MMK is one of the best experiences in Myanmar for me. It’s so cool! Getting lost among the temples (which are spread in a large area) and watching the sunset and sunrise from the bigger temples is just dreamy. Not to mention the fun on the e-bike which anyone can drive, even me (yes, I’m a bit retarded in the vehicle department and can ride only a normal bike :D).
I just have to warn you the popular stupas are crowded. So much tourists come from the tour buses (we counted 20 buses and a bunch of bikes, at sunset time). It’s nice to see these places but the atmosphere is so much better on the lonely smaller pagodas.
Sunrise is another highlight because the hot air balloons set out to fly just after sunrise. The sight is surreal, balloons fly over the temples and an orange sunset in the background. Crazy!

Misty sunrise.

We also found a cute restaurant with a good value, even compared to some of the scary-looking ones. It’s called Spice restaurant and has some amazing curries, cheap juices and a wicked avocado salad. Yum!

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