Beaches of Koh Tao.

They say Koh Tao island is one big diving school. And it is. People with wet hair, walking barefoot and carrying water resistant bags are almost only inhabitants of Koh Tao. Diving is the one and only thing you do on this small island 🙂

Koh Tao also has some fine snorkeling. The best beaches for snorkeling are:

  • Ao Leuk: beautiful setting with palm trees and white sandy beach. The bottom is also sandy so the water is clear blue and it becomes deep very quickly so it’s easy to swim. Reefs are on the right and left. This one is quite popular so it can get a bit crowded.
  • Hin Wong bay: probably our favorite beach for snorkeling. If you want to use the actual beach, you need to purchase something in the restaurant. Otherwise you can go in from the right (on the rocks). The corals are amazing and because the road is a bit more difficult, there is almost no people.
  • Tanote bay: is famous for the big rock that you can climb with the help of the rope and jump off it (probably more than 10 m).
  • other famous beaches are Sairee beach, where all the guesthouses are and has some snorkeling but you need to swim quite far, Mango bay has a 200 THB entrance fee, Shark bay which has a lot of dead coral and Freedom beach in the South.

The roads are quite difficult to drive on. They go up and down very steep and have sand on them so they’re very slippery. Some parts I had to get off the bike so Mic could go on.

Koh Tao tattoo is what they call the scratches of people who don’t know how to drive. Besides inexperienced driving or even drunk driving, people who rent the bikes like to charge a lot of money for damaged parts. You will likely have to pay for the whole part, even if you caused only a tiny scratch. Be careful. Look at the bike closely and make pictures, look at the hidden parts and don’t rent it in the evening where you won’t see marks. We rented at JJ travel and everything was fine (150 THB/day).

Koh Tao really has a lot to offer if you like snorkeling or diving. We’re doing our advance open water course with New Way diving, yaaay!

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