Bentota. No.

After 2 hours on a bumpy bus from Delhousie to Hatton, 5 hours on a train from Hatton to Colombo and 2 hours on a train from Colombo to Bentota, we finally took our shoes off. We actually had an unpleasant surprise. Here is much pricier than all of the towns before! I guess it is made for Russian and German tourists. We were looking for a town where we could relax and rent a scooter to discover nearby roads and landscape. Out of our budget 🙂


”No buying, no looking. You waste my time.”

”This is the worst experience so far in Sri Lanka.” I said to the store manager in the bazaar in Bentota. With a smile, of course. And then my usual saying, probably the worst you can hear from me (Eva L. should remember ;). ”You are not very nice.” Still smilimg. All those big wooden animals can wait.

Bentota is not for us. The only exception is a very nice coffee place called Seventh heaven, chocolate chilli cakes, mango and baked banana ice cream (NOOOOOOM) that I will miss. We’ll move to Hikkaduwa tomorrow where there’s full of surfers, locals are supposed to be nicer, and activities are close at hand. See you there!


OMG, baked banana ice cream. I’m not sure ii want to move. i want to stay here and die in a baked banana ice cream.

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