Best places to eat in hipster Canggu. Insta approved.

Damn, I’ve been to Canggu about 10 years before when only one small street was backpacker friendly and there were only couple of guesthouses and two local warungs. In last years it has become a proper hipster hangout with photogenic breakfasts, machine made coffee and bright street art.

My research was done mostly by Instagram (aah, the new modern ways) and given that we only had 24h in Canngu, I wanted to get my eyes and taste buds satisfied. Btw, you can check out our Instagram account @wejusttravel and say hello!

1. Crate

Concrete, simple design with rustic healthy breakfasts is a such a treat for mornings’ empty tummy. The price/performance at Crate is actually very good as the breakfasts are rich with different foods and very filling (cost around 50.000IDR). The names of their dishes are very cool and funny. I just had to order savory instead of fruity (noooo, didn’t get a chance to photograph any of the smoothie bowls or chia desserts) because all the breakfasts with home made bread and eggs looked so delicious. I managed to throw in a fruit salad JUST BECAUSE it looked pretty. The coffee is also amazing and reasonably priced at IDR . Mic claims that this is the best long black he’s ever had.

2. Poke Poke

I fell in love with poke (seasoned sliced raw fish) when I was camping around Hawaii. In Poke Poke you can make your own poke salad. First you choose your poke flavor (Mic had the original with soya, sesame oil, white and green onions, sesame seeds and I chose Aloha with soya, sesame oil, sea salt, white and green onions, sesame seeds, crushed red pepper), add ons if you want to (for me the pre-prepared salad was enough, I even got some coconut and wasabi because Alohaaa :D), type of rice (white, brown or no rice) and size (around 65.000 IDR for a small bowl and 90.000IDR for a big bowl). The taste was absolutely divine, tuna was fresh, the only thing was that we could have easily eaten 2 bowls each so don’t go there super hungry.

3. Fat Chicken

This restaurant was made for Mic. Minimalistic design, minimalistic menu. At Fat Chicken you can order grilled chicken (whole for 70.000 IDR, half for 35.000 IDR, they also have smaller options). The portions are smaller than European sized chickens so don’t be scared. This goes great with baked potatoes with rosemary. They also offer wraps, apple mousse and other clean dishes, which now sound quite French 🙂

No pictures for Fat Chicken but here’s one from the Canggu beach 😉

We also visited the famous Betelnut but I wasn’t so pleased. My Mexican salad was bland and Lime Raspberry cheesecake had a strange aftertaste. The chocolate one was nice but veeeery rich, a bit too much for me. Maybe I just had the wrong combo of dishes.

Old Man’s is very popular in Canggu – this is the bar right at the beach where it seems that everyone hang out. We glanced at it at far but it looked like too much younger people for our taste. I was also flirting with the famous Nalu Bowls but the high price of those small smoothie bowls just discouraged me to go there.

24 hours was not enough to try all the cool restaurants in Canggu so we will be back for sure. What about you, do you have any Canggu favorites?

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