Bohol on a budget.

Planning the ride around Bohol, we got the feeling that accommodation will be expensive. But it has been one of the cheapest in Philippines.
We rented a bike in Tagbilaran for 400P/day, it could probably go a little bit cheaper (nr: 0920 873 1390, 0916 264 6041, he also works at the port). If you have your own motorbike it’s easy to roam around and there’s no need to be in the center. You can eat whenever you like and see all the sights on your own. There are cheap eateries everywhere, just look for the big silver pots and of course, fried chicken. Mic can’t live without them plus they are very cheap, 10-15P per piece.

Here is a list of budget options in Bohol:
– Tagbilaran: Hats Inn, 350/twin, shared bathroom
– Carmen (near chocolate hills): Banlasan lodge, 400/double with bathroom
– Trinidad has only expensive accommodation (Arabella)
– Talibon: Mahogany pension, 300P/ double room, shared bathroom + lovely owners
– Anda: Anda lodge, 400P/double (it’s a small bed), shared bathroom

Hope this helps!

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