Bosnian hospitality.

We had the chance to experience Japanese hospitality with our lovely Couchsurfing hosts and we really enjoyed it. In Bosnia and Hercegovina (BIH) we planned to visit Tuzla and Sarajevo when friends told us that they have a place for us. So visiting Bosnia felt like visiting family 🙂 It took us 7 hours to get from Novi Sad (to Ruma, then to Šabac) to Tuzla. It almost felt like we’re in Asia again. Nobody knows anything, no buses, dirty roads. We were traveling again!



Neja and Kenan met us at the station and took us to their family’s house. We had the best dinner, drank local brandy – rakija (home made!) and talked for as long as our tiredness let us. Next day we had a big breakfast, said goodbye to their baby boy and went to Sarajevo. The landscape is amazing, all green with lots of hills and valleys. It took us 4 hours to Sarajevo where we met another friend of mine, Nives. She made us a bed in her living room and we chatted late in to the evening.

Bosnian people are so kind and gentle, and very generous. They will share everything with you. We felt much closer to them than proud and lively Serbs. Sarajevo is so cute! Old center Baščaršija is full of colorful souvenir shops, coffee and coffee pot making workshops. What can I say, Bosnia is famous for coffee 🙂


We didn’t do much sightseeing, we just walked the streets, observed the Muslim people praying (it was Ramadan), drank strong coffee and ate cevapcici (their famous meat dish). We did visit Srebrenica memorial museum (genocide that happened close by in 1995, where more than 8000 men and boys were brutally killed) and cried for at least 1 hour. Sarajevo has a lot to offer but we were still anxious to get home to Ljubljana.


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