Budget Koh Samui: What to do?

Pier of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Koh Samui is a beautiful island that needs at laeast a couple of days of exploring. Wenstayed at Mae Nam beach (Silent bungalows for 400 THB, on the beach). In low season (April, May and summer) you cam rent a motorbike near the main road for 150 THB and go around the island.
There is this great map for Koh Samui, called Treasure Island maps and you get get it for free in almost all restaurants or guesthouses.

Jumping sunset on Koh Samui, Thailand.
Places on Koh Samui you can visit for free:

  • Big Buddha (beautiful enormous big Buddha statue on a separate little island connected by road). No entrance fee.
  • Wat Plai Lem (complex with the famous statue with several hands, smiling Buddha and several temples). No entrance fee.
  • Pagoda Khao Jook (pagoda where you also hav a great view of the lake, sea and the Samui airport – wait for some take offs!). No entrance fee.
  • Chaweng lake (which we didn’t find so special).
    Going south, you have the viewpoint on your left with great views of the sea.
  • Grandfather and grandmother rock or Hin Ta and Hin Yai (female and male genitalia looking rocks are a big attraction). Parking fee: 10 THB for a motorbike.Yoga hut, Koh Samui, Thailand.
  • Going West you have two temples and the interesting one is definitely Wat Khunaram with its mummified monk. The monk started deep meditation without eating and drinking a week before his death and then he mummified himself. They have him on display with sunglasses covering his eyes. No entrance fee.
  • Namuang Waterfall 2 is after the elephant park, where you can drive and park for free. You can see some of the elephants (and take a ride if you want). And then you can walk 15 min to the waterfalls. Entrance fee is 50 THB, but they say if you walk the left way, you can get to the waterfall for free.
  • On the west side, there are couple of temples, but we focused on the sunset points. Nathon beach is a good spot to enjoy the sunset, but we slipped in to a 5 star resort and jumped of their private pier and watched the sunset. We were all alone! All this thanks to our friend David (@davidnakamurah on Twitter) 🙂
  • There are tons more to see, these are only budget options on Koh Samui, so enjoy the island!

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