Christmas in El Nido.

Christmas in Slovenia means cold temperatures, freezing feet and burning cheeks while standing under heaters in the old city center of Ljubljana and having some hot wine with spices. Baking cinnamon cookies, Christmas lights and buying presents for family and friends.

Heavenly view on Las Cabanas beach.

And this year is the first Christmas with hot weather and short sleeves, lights on palm trees and no family! It’s not bad but different. We did watch Home Alone 🙂

Beautiful sunsets in front of our guesthouse.

We’re in El Nido, one of the top destinations for traveling and for sure top spot in Philippines. And it shows. Tourism is booming, prices are higher and locals are business man. It is beautiful, the huge rock formations in the sea. But somehow all the restaurants and bars and hotels are blocking the view. ‘No trespassing! Private property!’ signs and barb wires everywhere so you really need to watch your step.

Where are the friendly locals and cheap coconuts? They’re waiting for us in Port Barton 🙂

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