Costs of a year of traveling.

How much does a person spend in one year of traveling? We were wandering the same question when we left 18 months ago. Will we have enough money? How much do we need per day?

In this post we did a total breakdown of our expenses and costs after one year on the road.

Before we start, here some important facts:

  • We are not students. We worked for couple of years and have been saving for approximately 5 years.
  • Our goals was to spend 47 $ per day for both (23,5 $ per person), everything included.
  • We bought airplane tickets on the way, except for the the one from Europe.
  • Visas were arranged while traveling except Srilankan and Indian visa.
  • Our banks are from Slovenia, our home country.
  • Monthly costs were: basic phone number, basic health insurance which was impossible to cancel, bank account fee, MasterCard account fee.

In 365 days we spent 22.600 $ or 20.500 € in total (we’re more used to euros but I’ll put the data in $). This sum also includes equipment (like good backpacks from Deuter, sleeping bags, locks …), all visa costs, airplane tickets, replaced stolen items (2x stolen wallet, stolen DSLR camera, 120 $ worth of Nepalese rupiah), monthly costs from Slovenia (see above), atm and transaction fees. Everything! On average we spent  62 $ per day (for both) or 31 $ per person.

  • We had 18 flights, some international, some domestic. The sum was 3.035 $ for both or 1.517 $ per person.
  • Our banks took 330 $ transaction fee, 115 $ per person.
  • Additional expenses like new camera, diving, a lip balm here and there, were app. 2.430 $ or 1.215 $ per person.
  • Around 220 $ were stolen from us.

If we could avoid the costs of flying (which means traveling by land or sea), if we brought all the money we needed with us (probably impossible), if we would not spend money on diving and sorts, and if our 220 $ wouldn’t get stolen, the expenses would ne 16.615 $ or 8.308 $ per person. If we divide this by 365, we get 46 $ per day or 23 $ per person. Yay, almost exactly as our goal in the beginning! It is possible 🙂

How much money did we spent in certain countries?


 Country  Food and drinks per day (for both)  Accommodation per day (for both)
 Srilanka  22,9 $  10,9 $
 India  13,4 $  8,4 $
 Andaman Islands  15,7 $  7,2 $
 Nepal  15,5 $  6,0 $
 Thailand  21,9 $  8,1 $
 Indonesia  14,7 $  13,1 $
 Myanmar (Burma)  11,6 $  14,2 $
 Vietnam  14,9 $  9,1 $
 Philippines  13,6 $  11,3 $

* Remember. We traveled on a really low budget 🙂

* The prices for a single room are different than for one person in a double room so I left the expenses for 2 people.

* India and Nepal were very cheap countries to live in and we spent 5 months there which lowered our costs of living.

* These are calculated to be the average price of food, drinks and accommodation for certain countries.

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