Crossing the border from India to Nepal (via Varanasi).

We were deciding to go cross Nepal border by land trough hot Varanasi or not so common Darjeeling. After a bit of research we opted for Varanasi – Gorakhpur – Sunauli. And it’s actually quite simple:

  • On the day we arrived to Varanasi, we bought a ticket on the railway station to Gorakhpur (in 1st class – we had our own cabin yaaay! No breakfast in bed, tough ;)). It was Rs 380/person.
  • From the Gorakhpur (center) railway station to Sunauli, the city by the border, there are a few options: you can go by taxi in a car (price is Rs 200/person) or you can go with the local bus  (RS 80/person).  We went with a bus! It took us around 3 hours and it was quite ok.
  • You go off the bus and walk around 500m to the border (or take a cycle rickshaw) but first the officers at India Immigration Office stop you and check you ot of India. Takes 5 mins.
  • Just across the border (where no one actually checks you) there is Nepal Immigration Office and you get a visa for 10day/1month/3months for 25$/40$/90$ (for this last last one I’m not sure) and you have to pay in $ or Nepalese Rs.
  • Tourist Office with really nice people and good advice is right next door. They supply you with free maps and brochures.
  • From there you can take a bus to Kathmandu, Pokhara or other cities like Butwal. We went there to cut our long ride to Pokhara. We went to the bus station and bought the tickets on the bus, instead in the travel agency where they take a big commission.

Easy peasy! Well, as easy as the long yourneys can be 🙂

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