Diving on Koh Tao (New Way diving).

Koh Tao is one of the cheapest places to dive on the planet. And if you’re here in the low season, you’ll even get a discount. Sometimes you can even bargain (not that we tried).

In comparison to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Koh Tao has an amazing underwater life with lots of different corals and fish. Every beach has good snorkeling (some nice beaches on Koh Tao).

We were contemplating to to two dives at first. Maybe four, it’s so cheap. H*ll, let’s do the advanced open water! 🙂 So we were scouting for the best prices and good vibe and we found the best deal with New way diving school. 7650 THB for advenced open water and 2 free fun dives. Other schools had some good deals (PuraVida for 7000 THB but no free dives and some schools offered free accommodation) but this one was the best for us.

We had navigation and buoyancy dives the first day, doing different but easy tasks with Tom, our easy going instructor. On our second day we had deep dive and wreck dive, and night dive in the evening. the sea is quite rough this time of year and night dive was especially scary. Waves, darkness and nerves are not a good combo. But we did it. It was interesting and fun. The only thing I wasn’t quite satisfied with was that our instructor didn’t point out the fish for us and that the dives were quite short.

It was a different story for our fun dives on Sail Rock. Our dive master Dennis and dive master in training Phil were amazing team, pointed out fish and enabled us longer dives. When one of our group of four hit his air mark, Phil went up with him and three of us continued the dive. Sail Rock is an amazing dive site with lots of interesting fish, even schools of fish and beautiful corals. We saw some nudiebranches, too!

New Way is a very good school with relaxed vibe and friendly people. They are known for one more thing. They are the first on the dive site so you always meet around 5.20. I know it’s early but it was amazing to have the dive site to yourself. We recommend! 😀

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