Of course you need to see a Komodo dragon, if you’re so close to these big reptiles. We went on a boat trip to Rinca island (Komodo was too far) and to a few snorkeling spots.
Rinca is famous for Komodo dragons, wild pigs, water buffaloes and birds. It’s also less popular than Komodo island and the possibility to see a dragon is greater. Komodo dragons are the largest lizards and can grow up to 3 m and weigh 70 kg. Huge! They can eat a whole buffalo in 20 minutes but leave the head with horns. It’s too big for them 😀

I smell food.

We saw a bunch of them near the kitchen area (they smell the food) and one near their nest, otherwise they weren’t to be seen. The trip was ok, nothing special. National park fee and snorkeling fee add up to 150k per person to the boat trip price.
Snorkeling couldn’t compare to Kanawa island and the currents were very strong. We didn’t go to Manta spot near Komodo where you can see manta sharks but they remain on our wish list.

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