Europe: Cheap airport transfers.

Traveling in Asia and traveling in Europe is light years away, as you probably know. And while we could just hop on couple of buses when coming to Bangkok, in Europe we need to check dates, hours, end stations, costs. But there is also an easier option which we use every time we travel with an airplane – GoOpti shared transfers. This means sharing a van with other travelers and getting straight to the airport. Here are some tips how to book a cheap airport transfer in Europe with GoOpti:

1. Book 2 months before your flight.

Prices of GoOpti transfers are cheapest 70 to 50 days before your departure and a lot more expensive 7 days or less before. Last minute booking doesn’t pay up.

2. Group booking

If you’re traveling in a group don’t book the airport transfer one by one. Their system adapts the price to the number of travelers and the price will be much cheaper if you’ll book more (or even all) seats in the van.

3. Vacation time

If you have more time and options to plan your trip, you can use this information to get cheaper transport. When loads of people use shared transfers to go to the airport, it will be much cheaper if you will go the other way.  And when the holidays are over, they will go from the airports to the city, it will be cheaper for you to go to the airport because all the vans will have to go to the airport anyway.

4. Check ”Price options”

Now this one is really important. When searching for the transport click the button Price options which will give you some price options based on the hour of pick up. For cheaper options click the button More price options. Here you’ll get the cheapest options for your airport transfer but the pick up hours vary. The less you pay, the more flexible you have to be. For example, price range for the same distance from Ljubljana to Venice can be from 20 to 55 €.

6. 5 € off your transfer

Everyone who uses GoOpti airport transfers for the first time can get 5 € off the price. They have a program where everyone who already traveled with GoOpti can give their friends 5 € coupon. The one who gives the referral  gets 5 € on their account for the next ride. You can use our code (get it here) to get 5€ off . To give 5 € to your friends, sign in here.

7. GoOpti affiliate program

If you have your own webpage or a blog, you can add an affiliate page from where people can book GoOpti transfers from which you get 5 % of the amount they paid (you can use it on your next transfers). Read more information.

You can save up to 70 % if you take some time and check the best options for you.

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