Everyday balot I.

Some interesting facts we’ve noticed or learned so far about Philippines:
– people have some straaange street food like all kinds of barbecued intestines, duck embryo in an egg (called balot), pigs ears and chicken’s butts. Eat all (the stuff we usually throw away)!

– their language Tagalog sounds beautiful and looks like a mix of Indonesian and Spanish.
– they like to ‘abuse’ free stuff like wifi so there’s no free wifi in coffee shops or malls.
– they love malls! Some say because of air con. At Christmas they’re nicely decorated.
– Manila has a lot of people. Some are quite rich and some are very poor (we hardly saw any beggars in Ho Chi Minh, for example).
– their food is mainly sweet and not spicy so it’s very different from other Asian countries.
– taxis are quite cheap and people don’t like to walk.
– shared taxis or jeepneys are usually metallic elongated cars but we haven’t tried them.
– Christmas is really big and I’m loving all the lights and christmas songs 🙂

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