Everyday Mounhinga I.

When you come to a new country it’s easiest to notice which people’s habits are different from ours.
So here are a few things I’ve noticed so far:
– thanakha is yellow color from a special tree and people put it to their cheeks. It makes the skin cooler. Some are really creative and make different patterns like hearts.
– betel nut is popular again. Hence the ugly red stains on the streets. And people spitting red, eeew.
– most of the people wear a sarong loop.
– when they want someone’s attention they make a kissing sound (I tried it, it works and it’s kinda fun) 🙂
– traffis is not so bad but the cars won’t stop. So you better.
– no bargaining. And no hassling on the street! It feels almost relaxing 🙂
– tourist attractions are quite expensive in comparison to other Asian countries. So is accommodation.
– street food is delicious and cheap.
– people are gentle but in two days only two kids said hello on the street. Not like curious Indians 🙂
– little and big monks are a common sight. They wear dark red, nuns wear light pink. They walk around with their bowls so people make their offerings.
– there is no motorbikes on the road in Yangon as some years ago an official had a motorbike accident and prohibited their use. Fine by me!

That’s it for now 🙂

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