Exploring Kathmandu valley.

The best way is to travel as light as possible. That’s why we left our big fat backpacks in our hotel in Kathmandu and went on a little trip with cheap local buses (we payed only around NRS 200 for both of us).

We visited Bhaktapur, the lovely town with 65 000 residents is full of old Newari culture. Carved wood everywhere with detailed ornaments and the main Durbar Square is just amazing. There is a 15$ fee just to enter the town but we took the advice of our friends and we entered trough smaller alleys and got in for free. It’s not that it’s not worth it, it’s just we have a quite tight budget. And why not 🙂 We found nice and cheap accommodation (Golden Gate) which was right next to the main square.

Patan was next on our list, a town similar to Bhaktapur with beautiful temples. Entrance fee is NRS 500 and they check you regularly. You can find some nice restaurants if you wander among the streets.

We finished it off with the biggest stupa in Boudha. Full of monasteries and monks, Boudha is a very spiritual place where you can hear monks chanting and gongs ringing in the streets. Stupa is just magnificent and we had to have a few circles touching the prayer wheels.

Today is our last night in Kathmandu and we’ll spend it over a few beers with our traveling friends. Thailand here we come! 🙂

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