First stop: Koh Samui.

Lying in the war water at sunset on Koh Samui, Thailand.

White beach and warm blue sea. With crowds of people that we have to fight to get some privacy. That was my expectation of Koh Samui. I did some research and chose the ‘calm’ side of the island.

Palms on the beach at sunset, Koh Samui, Thailand.

So we got a songtheaw ride (60 THB/person) to Mae Nam in hope to find Silent beach bungalows that seemed to be one of the cheapest places in Koh Samui. It was hot, we were tired of 15 hours of traveling and all night on the bus, we haven’t eaten in forever, but somehow we managed to get to this beautiful calm beach. It’s almost empty at this time of year . I guess April really is the slowest month. Fan bungalow with private bathroom (and lots of rodents, geckos and even some big cockroaches) is 400 THB and we are in front of the beach. It’s more than I ever expected from Thailand. I must say the food is more expensive, and for a small meal in a local restaurant you pay at least 50  – 60 THB (and 2x more expensive in the guesthouse). On the main street there are several water filling machines so you get 1 liter for 1 THB. Yas!

The water is so warm that you can stay in for hours, especially when the sun is going down. Puuuurfect!

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