Food poisoning, full moon and and an elephant.

These things marked our days in Madurai. We were enjoying different food in a nice restaurant Amritsagar and everything was very tasteful, full of spices and cheap. India is way cheaper than Sri Lanka.
And then it happened. I was awakened in the middle of the night by the watery sounds of food poisoning. We knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Poor Mic spent the whole night on the toilet. It was almost ok in the morning, thank you antibiotics! One down, one to go. Nooooo 🙂
Fun fact. Neighbour had the same problems as he and Mic formed a symphony of throwing up sounds. Not a lullaby you would expect 😀 Poor neighbour had a rough second night as well.
Today we finally visited the Meenakshi Temple. After two days of super loud music from the speakers (and I mean normal-conversation-not-possible loud music), we managed to avoid the mass of people in the temple this morning.
Temple is huge and many people visit it from other parts of India. They donate money, ask for happines of their children and good luck wih their business. It got commercialised, tough. Lots of souvenirs are being sold and there’s an elephant that blesses you. But you have to give it money first 🙂
Still. Elephaaaaaaant gave me a pat on the head 😀 I’m happy.
We’re off to ashram till 26. No internet there. See you then 😉

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