Forest fairytale and Classic Petite Ashfield, Pokljuka, Slovenia.

Sun rays, Pokljuka, Slovenia

After 7 months of being in Asia we are still adjusting to our home country, Slovenia. Not only the bad but also to the beauty of it. The weather was not really cooperative and loads of rain prevented us to go out of the capital, to the country side.

Sun finally came out this weekend and we went for a road trip to Pokljuka, for some mushroom hunting.

What we usually do is just drive to somewhere close to touristy areas but stop close by and park somewhere by the road. Then we pin our parking spot (so we don’t forget where we’re parked) and go to the forest. The best places to find forest’s treasures are steep areas where other people don’t want to go. 🙂 Oh, sunshine, I’ve missed you so.

Oh, and check out this beautiful watch from Daniel Wellington – it’s called Classic Petite Ashfield and it has a black dial and black MATTE mesh strap. It comes in rose gold or silver details. My, oh, my, a perfect watch for your black soul. 😀

I know Kendall wears it for a night out but I think it also looks gorgeous with those beautiful poisonous mushrooms. <3

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Petite Ashfield and poisonous mushrooms, Pokljuka, Slovenia

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