Fulidhoo dive – Diving in the Maldives.

Aaah, Maldives, they seem to be the perfect postcard picture everyone dreams about! But is there anything to do there, besides lying on the beach and watching coconuts fall down on pristine white sand?

Diving in the Maldives

I admit, I thought we would be bored here since we like to be active and explore new places. Fortunately, I was wrong. 🙂 Maldives are much more than staying in a private resort doing nothing. And most of all, they are affordable! The local islands are amazing, people friendly and the diving is one of the best in the world. Let me just say: Sharks, mantas and rays! Yay!

PS: Thanks to Fulidhoo Dive for letting me use heir pics!

Soft corals, Fulidhoo dive, Maldives

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Fulidhoo Dive

So, Maldives are also a diving paradise, who knew? 🙂 We had to see it for ourselves and we found a great dive shop called Fulidhoo Dive. This is actually a PADI 5* Dive Resort and is located right on the public beach, next to Kinan retreat. We met Adele and Ali, the owners, and talked about the best diving spots. They immediately said: ”You should dive with nurse sharks. It’s like swimming in shark soup!”. Wait, what? Does that mean we get to dive with real sharks (one of my all time wishes!)? Yes, yes it does. 🙂

Ali was our guide and you can just tell he has great passion about it. Safety comes first with Fulidhoo Dive team and that includes new gear, air of the best quality and a nice and comfortable boat. His briefings were precise and informative and it meant a lot to us that we are in good hands (which was not the case in some other countries). The standards in Maldives are hiiiiigh not like in other Asian dive shops and we finally got to see what those 5 stars stand for.

Diving with nurse sharks in Maldives

Our first dive was a night dive near Alimatha resort where nurse sharks hang out. This was the place where they used to discard food and nurse sharks were feeding on it, especially at night. This has stopped but nurse sharks still like it there. They lounge on the sand and scratch their backs on the floor. Because it was a night dive, it felt so mysterious to me (I had only been to one night dive during my advanced course), you know, getting dark and all. But the dive site is actually very easy (you just need to adjust to the current and hold on to a rock or stick your light in the sand) and as soon as we descended there were MANY sharks! There were probably at least 20 but 5 were very very close, lying on the sand. Huge chubby nurse sharks, right here! You can get close and relax right next to them but please resist yourself from touching them. They will probably touch you anyway since they like to move around. 🙂 This dive site is quite popular and can get crowded but we were lucky and in the end we were alone with the sharks! On the way back we laid on the roof of the boat and watched billions of stars – milky way was so thick it almost looked like clouds. <3

Channel diving in the Maldives

Fulidhoo has some awesome channels  where all kinds of fish swim through, also pelagic fish. On our way to the dive site, Ali and Adele got a telephone call that mantas are close by. Come on, Maldives, can you get any cooler?! Ali found them and we quickly jumped in the water to swim with them. I get goosebumps every time I remember how I was trying to catch a huge manta who then just decided to turn around and swim right under me. Surreal.

Our first dive was good, we got to see some sharks and turtles but our second dive was great! We saw a big sting ray lying on the corals, turtles swimming buy, many coral fish, colorful mantis shrimp, many scorpion fish, two sharks and an eagle ray swimming above us. It was amazing!

Sharks, Fulidhoo, Maldives

Underwater rainbow cave

This unfortunately stayed on our wishlist. The weather on the last day was not good and we had to skip this one. There is supposed to be a cave with beautiful soft corals of pastel rainbow colors (omg, sounds like something I want to wear!)that are best seen at night.

You know what they say – you need to leave something for your next visit. And we are so looking forward to visit Maldives again. 🙂

Check out Fulidhoo Dive’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to see more videos and pictures.

Parrot fish, rainbow cave, FUlidhoo dive, Maldives


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