Getting fit in Samahita retreat.

As I am writing this, we are sitting in our beautiful spacious loft in Samahita retreat. Mic is upstairs (yes, we have two floors!) and I’m downstairs looking through our balcony. We are in a program called YogaCoreCycle for the past 3 days and are working on our fitness (which was close to zero before coming here) and meditation skills.

(Marble top from SquareOne).

Wonderful Neja from Zen Zone, travel agency for the soul, invited us to Samahita retreat and we gladly responded. It’s always a challenge to be fit while traveling, at least for such long periods of time, and maybe this is a good start in our travels.

We are reminiscing our time in Indian ashram a lot. Early waking up, loads of sitting meditation, even more yoga, eating really basic, sleeping in hard beds. It was a unique experience but this one in Samahita is a totally different world. It is very comfortable, AC in the rooms, comfy beds, optional program and very delicious food. This is also the only place with spinning classes on Koh Samui.

Beach time!

This is how our days are like in YogaCoreCycle Samahita retreat:

6.30h: Alarm clock. Snooze.

6.40h: Alarm clock, second time. I get up and go to the bathroom while trying to wake up Mic. We pour ourselves some homemade electrolyte solution and go to spinning class.

7.00h: First spinning class, no music. If the teacher is that Dutch lady, we probably won’t feel our legs after half an hour. Feels good, though.

Spinning class.

7.30h: All nice and sweaty we go to the beach shala, open air hall for meditation and breath work. It’s time for 40 min of meditation, breathing and contemplation. Still trying to figure out that stomach movement upwards while not breathing. Even writing this is difficult.

8.15h: Core class. Oh, core. Weakness for both of us. Dutch lady likes crunches very much.

8.45h: Morning centered flow yoga. More of  yang, mascular, challenging yoga (that can be adjusted to your level). By now we are both just trying to finish this class, stretching, our legs hurting from day before. Huuuungryyy! We’re tired but feel energized!

An option to this led class of yoga, there is also self-practice yoga. There are teachers there to guide you as well but it is more personalized as they try to teach you an ashtanga sequence which you can also do at home or if you have your own practice, you can also do this instead.

9.45h: Breakfast buffet!! With red cheeks we dive in to delicious ripe papayas, eggs and salads. Everyday there is new combination of a fresh juice available. Yum! There are also nutritionists at the resort that can help you with your menu.

10.30h: We go to our loft, take a shower and work work work. Laying down of course, we need to relax our tired muscles.

12.45h: Lunch timeeee! Food here is mainly vegetarian and the taste is spot on. Every day there is a new surprise, like garden spread from sunflower seeds, curry and vinegar (?) and raw crackers, yum! Loads of green salads and fresh dressings of all colours, wholewheat rice, bean salads and curries. Our tummies are full and happy with all this nutritious food.

Vegetarian food.

13.34h: Back to our loft. Relax or worktime.

15.30h: Dressed in our fitness clothes we slowly go to the communal area and read a bit before our second spinning class.

16.00h: Second spinning class. Just hope it’s not the Dutch … Aaah, it’s the Thai. Little bit less hard-core 😀

16.30h: Core class. Getting our core strong with kettle bells, ogies, TRX bands or just our weight.

17.00h: Restorative yoga. Gentle, yin, women’s yoga, with lots of stretching and relaxation. Feels good after a day of workout. HUNGRYYYYYY!

Yoga class.

18.00h: Time for a quick shower, followed by dinner buffet. Omnomnom, so good. There is even desserts like rice balls or brown beans in coconut milk.

19.00h: Reading under palm trees and beneath the stars. Digesting all the fibers 🙂

19.30h: Short meditation. Which is a bit difficult if you had such a good dinner but it really relaxes your mind and body before bed.

Beautiful sunset.

20.00h: Time to relax and sleep or read 😉

As you can see, this can be a very active retreat with time in between for working (if you need to) or relaxing. The classes are optional and no one will judge if you skip them. We could’ve tried a herbal sauna but it was a bit too hot for us.

If you want to get fit and relax on a beautiful beach in Thailand, we highly recommend this program.

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